1. Want more color on your face? It's in the "bag". Leave your makeup in your bag and not on your face. Makeup will block UV rays from penetrating your skin.

2. Not getting darker? Talk to one of our tanning consultants about a step one lotion to help you create more melanin.

3. Burning before getting your base tan? A common mistake that people make is to try and obtain a base tan in a lower level bed like a Wolff. Try using a 100% bronzing bed like our Turbo or High-Pressure. This way you don't have to chase the burn in your quest for a beautiful tan.

4. Tanning Consultants. Take advantage of our expertise. Come by our store and talk with one of our tanning consultants. We will put you in the right bed, with the right product so you can achieve the tan you are looking for.

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